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[23. April 2018] Digital Camera Utility 5 (Version 5.8.1) Windows Updater

[Main changes from Version 5.7.2 and 5.8.0]
[New and added items]
<Corresponded by version 5.8.0>

Corresponded to the PENTAX K-1 Mark II

Note: It is not corresponded to the RAW data development that taken with the Image Stabilization mode of Pixel Shift Resolution System II.

[Improved items]
<Corresponded by version 5.8.1>

At the Multi Monitor Display, it will adopt the profile of monitor that take larger client area of the image display page for color management of that page.
When switched to the Browser mode while previewing the image that drag & drop to the application at the Laboratory mode, it will be accessed to the saved folder of that previewing.
The transaction of accessing the folder has been improved at the Browser mode, result of this, the thumbnail image displays faster even massive images are saved in the folder.

<Corresponded by version 5.8.0>

Added the [Save Image] tab to the option window which is displayed by the [Option button] at the saving dialogue.

[Corrected items]
<Corresponded by version 5.8.1>

If the Setting data have been changed at the [Display RAW file in Browser mode] (Tools-Options), corrected to re-load the image when the RAW image file has been displayed.
To set the condition of panels lengthways such as the Control panel for top and Navigation panel for bottom, it was not keep previous panel condition after re-start application by [Restore previous condition] setting.
When the task bar is displayed at top edge of the Desktop and normal condition of application window, the title bar of the application went under the task bar after executing the [Default layout].
When you try to access to the folder which is contained large number of images, the window became [No response].
When the Color Management is ON, develop the RAW file at the Laboratory Mode and return to Browser mode, the image may not be displayed sometimes.
If you try to save the JPEG image which is embedded in RAW image file by [Save As], the capture data has not been saved correctly.

<Corresponded by version 5.8.0>

If you reverse the function of left/right button of the mouse, you could not operate all drag functions.
It had been automatic shutdown occurred while activate Spotting and manually input more than 51 items at the size assignment column.

It had been corrected the other small error of previous versions.

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