Markus  Dołączył: 21.03.2007
DCU update 5.7.0 Cytuj
Dodana obsługa "Kapusia" ;-) oraz poprawione błędy :

[Main changes from Version 5.6.2/5.7.0]

Corresponded to PENTAX KP
Added character input function on the image.
Corresponded to image size change when continuously processing multiple images.

[Improve from previous Versions]

Added simple processing setting for reduce preview of Laboratory mode.
Corresponded to start up of Laboratory mode.
* Expand candidate images at startup in Laboratory mode and when switching from Browser mode to Laboratory mode without specifying images, please drag and drop from the Explorer etc to specify it.
Corresponded to Laboratory mode transition without specifying image in Browser.

[Corrections from previous Versions]

Corrected – It does not start up when deleting the registry.
Corrected – Flash dimming correction is not displayed.
Corrected – Outside of 1:1 area is not output when enlarging the trimming area with Laboratory for RAW image that shooting vertical position in 1:1 crop.
Corrected – The development result become brighter by about 1 EV when the shadow correction is ON with RAW image of K-01/K-30/K-50.
Corrected – It becomes a subfolder of the copy destination when the name of the destination folder suffered by simple image transfer.
Corrected – The file name change at the time of detailed file list display was illegal.
Corrected – The windows no longer responds when transferring a large number of images with simple image capture.
Corrected – The space between the edge of the screen and end of screen greatly differs between when the top and bottom edges of the image are aligned vertically for character input.
Corrected – A frame indicating the focus is attached to multiple buttons in the save dialog.
Corrected – The preview image was specified when transition to Laboratory mode, the display direction of the image was not reflected on the button of the tool bar.
Corrected – The redevelopment of JPEG file shooting with PENTAX Q series cannot be done correctly.
Corrected – The parameter change is not reflected when finishing is set to reversal film by JPEG redevelopment.
Corrected – A black band appears in the vertical position image when finishing is set to reversal film by JPEG redevelopment.
Corrected – The image becomes grainy image when redevelopment of JPEG image taken by the monotone setting of PENTAX K-3.
Corrected – It cannot be expanded normally if the parameter file of the past version (Such as version 5.3.1) is applied.

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